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 We are committed to helping as many people as possible by arming them with empowering tools, tips and information.  How are we going to go about doing this?  By giving you access to our database of knowledge built up over many years of experience.

Don't: Fit in, find your place. Do: Learn, grow, and empower your World.

Don’t follow the crowd, forge your own path.  Empower yourself, and embrace your unique fire.

How Education + Action = Increased Quality of Life

Step 1: Education

Education is the key that unlocks your potential, empowers you to grow, and shapes a brighter future.

Step 2: Taking Action

Dreams won’t work unless you do. Take action, embrace challenges, and shape your own success. Want to know how?

Step 3: Your Self Worth

Education empowers, and action refines. Together there is synergy, boosting your self-confidence and your self-worth.

About Attorney Twillie

Hi, I’m Lawyer Twillie, yes my real name is Lawyer…and I’m an attorney and owner of a Connecticut-based law firm, L.A. LAW, LLC.  

I’ve spent many of my adult years helping people, whether that be for injuries they sustained due to someone else’s negligence, for crimes they’ve been accused of committing, or from the impact of predatory lending and more. The more I see, the more I try to help.

Here at Lawyer The Lawyer: 

Our Mission is to help people realize their own strength by arming them with practical knowledge.  Sort of a “Teach a man to fish” thing.  Life is meant to be abundant for all and many are long overdue.  So let’s fish!

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Origin story

Meet Lawyer Twillie, a well-known attorney born in the gritty city of Oakland, California. This dynamic
individual is widely recognized in Connecticut for his exceptional advocacy skills and unwavering
dedication to his clients. Known for his compassion, creativity, and legal prowess, Lawyer Twillie has
solidified himself as a prominent figure in the legal community.

But this success did not come easy for LT. He knows what it feels like to face hard times and overcome
adversity. Growing up, he and his mother often found themselves without a place to call home, resorting
to staying with friends or even living out of their car at times. However, instead of succumbing to these
difficult circumstances, Lawyer Twillie used them as motivation to excel academically and athletically.

Having earned a degree in Asian Studies/Japanese Language from the University of Iowa while also
playing football for the university’s team, Lawyer Twillie then pursued his passion for law by attending
law school. With a strong desire to empower marginalized communities through justice, he began his
career practicing personal injury and criminal law. And let us tell you – LT is not your average desk-bound
lawyer. He is a fierce litigator who has successfully tried numerous cases to verdict.

In fact, helping people is at the core of who Lawyer Twillie is. It’s no surprise that you stumbled upon him
here at LawyerTheLawyer.com – a platform where he shares valuable knowledge and tools to arm
individuals against the challenges of our economy. His goal? To empower others with confidence and
skills so they can stand up against big corporations looking to take advantage.

So whether you’re seeking advice on navigating complex legal matters or simply need some inspiration to
persevere through tough times, Lawyer Twillie is your go-to person. With his relatable tone, motivational
voice, and third-person perspective on life’s struggles, he will surely leave an unforgettable mark on your
journey towards success.

Now, through LawyerTheLawyer.com, his mission is simple: to empower others with knowledge so they
have the confidence and skills needed to stand up against big corporations looking to take advantage of
them. His website offers invaluable resources to arm people with confidence and skills amidst this
challenging economy